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Prevent Blindness Introduces Ambassador Program

PBNC’s mission aims to detect and eliminate uncorrected vision problems, provide greater access to treatment, and thereby prevent blindness and preserve the sight of everyone we serve. Providing direct services to over 550,000 North Carolinians annually, PBNC’s three primary programs provide the latest in best-practice, evidence-based and age-appropriate screening standards. While we have always collected

Lee Co. Health-A-Rama looks to return for 2021-2022 School Year

Mary Hawley Oats has been a School Nurse in the Lee County Schools for 40 years.  She realized early on that it was important to know students could see and hear to succeed in the classroom. She began a program called Health-A-Rama that occurred annually in the Fall.  During Health-A-Rama, classrooms of students in kindergarten through ninth grade would come to the gym or library and get their vision,

Meet Brooklyn, a Preschool Program Success Story

Unfortunately children don’t always realize they are experiencing a problem with their vision and therefore won’t complain, and there are often no obvious signs or symptoms to alert parents or teachers. Brooklyn’s teachers had noticed that she wasn’t participating as much in class, but they did not realize she was having trouble with her vision

Collaborative Success in Graham County

Over the past two years, PBNC’s Children’s Vision Screening Certification program staff have worked closely with the lead school nurse in Graham County to arrange training for 28 school nurses and volunteer high school health occupation student screeners. PBNC teaches screeners to evaluate school-aged children for appearance, behavior, and complaint signs as well as how

Meet Aviano, a Preschool Program Success Story

Aviano Children with undetected vision problems often do not even realize all of the amazing sights they are missing. Poor vision can negatively affect many aspects of a child’s development and his or her interaction with the world around them. Fortunately, our children’s vision screening programs detect thousands of undiagnosed visual impairments each year. Aviano

Meet Karla – A Success Story

Karla, age 5, recently took part in a free vision screening offered by Prevent Blindness NC. Her preschool participates in the PBNC Preschool Vision Screening Program each year to help ensure good visual health for their children. When Karla’s results indicated a possible problem, PBNC recommended that she be examined by an eye doctor for

Dahlia loves her glasses!

Until the vision screening at her preschool indicated possible problems, Dahlia’s parents had never suspected she had a problem that was impairing her vision.  At the recommendation of PBNC, her parents took her for a complete eye exam with an eye doctor, who confirmed Dahlia did indeed have a visual impairment that needed to be