Adult Retinal Program Expands with Additional Funding

Prevent Blindness NC is excited to announce the receipt of additional funding from the National Association Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) to expand a pilot program using a 3rd party retinal reading service to drastically reduce the time it takes for a retinal image to be read by an eye doctor. With past NACDD funding for this program, PBNC was able to reduce that turnaround time from many days down to a quick 24 hours (on average) for the  almost 300 participants who were part of the pilot. The new funding from NACDD will allow us to provide this service for an additional 1,000 participants, and further build our capacity to hopefully move to this model for all our adult patients in the future.

Many times patients have forgotten about the screening they received – or have assumed all is well, when that might not be the case – if too much time has passed between screening and receipt of results.  Our hope is that the reduced time from patient screening to receipt of results keeps the information top of mind and urgent should the patient require professional eye care.

We are enthusiastic about the expansion of this program and hope it helps PBNC screen more people and encourage more patients to seek the vision care they need.

Prospect Hill, September 2020