Hear Larry’s Story – One of Many Lives Changed

Photo by Castorly Stock from PexelsLarry is a diabetic patient at a clinic served by Prevent Blindness North Carolina.  At a recent appointment with his physician, Larry mentioned having problems with his visual acuity – the clarity of vision or the ability to discern the shapes and details of the things you see.  It’s just one factor in your overall vision health and something other than the diabetic eye problems which already plagued Larry.  After receiving an on-site vision screening by Prevent Blindness North Carolina, Larry was referred to an eye care professional for a comprehensive eye exam.  PBNC provided Larry with a voucher which covered the cost of his exam and the eyeglasses he was prescribed.  Larry is very pleased that he can “read up-close now” and proudly wears his glasses!  Thanks to the partnership between Prevent Blindness North Carolina, VSP (Vision Service Plan), and the health clinic, Larry is having a much easier time with his vision.