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PBNC Key Programs

Adult Vision Screening Program

An estimated 750,000 (1 in 10) North Carolina adults have been diagnosed with diabetes.  An additional 280,000 North Carolina residents may have diabetes and not know it. PBNC currently partners with over 40 federally qualified health centers and community health clinics to provide retinal screenings in order to detect diabetic eye diseases and other diseases of aging eyes such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts.  The program targets low income diabetic and suspected diabetic patients that may not be able to access recommended annual dilated eye exam.

PBNC uses state of the art retinal imaging equipment, provides the screenings at no cost to the clinic or the patient, and provides eye doctors to read the screening results. In addition to retinal screenings partner clinics also have access to PBNC’s Vision Resource Program, which offers qualified applicants access to free eye exams and glasses through participating doctor’s offices. PBNC can also provide training on chart-based acuity screening for partner clinics. To help clinical staff assess the patient’s visual acuity and catch possible signs of eye diseases in their patients.

If your clinic is interested in partnering with PBNC to provide retinal screenings for your patients please contact us at 919-755-5044 today or fill out the short form below: