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Donor Docs Donation Program

We Invite You to Join our Donor Docs Program

What is the Donor Docs Program?

Prevent Blindness North Carolina is a nonprofit that works to screen the vision of children and adults using evidence-based methods and connect them to appropriate diagnosis and treatment when vision problems are suspected. The screening services we provide will be ineffective if people are unable to access follow-up care. PBNC created the Donor Docs program to help meet that need.

We ask Doctors across the state to:

  1. Offer in-kind eye exams and glasses, if possible, for a few children or adults referred from PBNC screening in your community
  2. Read retinal screening images remotely (via Citrix Sharefile) following PBNC adult screening events

In-Kind Eye Exams and Glasses

PBNC’s Donor Docs program is available to children screened in the school systems or childcare centers and adults screened either by PBNC or trained individuals at partner agencies. It is designed to provide vision care vouchers to those North Carolinians that are most in need: low-income uninsured and/or undocumented children and adults. Many patients are unable to speak English or do not have a social security number making it even more difficult to navigate the medical system.

All donor doc assignments are sent to both the doctor and the recipient. If the recipient is a child, the assignment is emailed to his/her school nurse. If the recipient is an adult, the doctor assignment is mailed to him/her at the address provided on the application. Doctors receive the assignments via the email address provided on their donation form.

PBNC makes an effort to match recipients to doctors in or as close to their area as possible. However, this is dependent upon doctors in their area donating. Assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. This program runs from August 1st – July 31st, meaning more donations are available earlier in the school year than towards the end.

PBNC Donor Docs Services:

• Eye exam performed by a participating eye doctor in the Donor Docs Program.

• In some cases, glasses (not contacts), if prescribed.

• Specified services, as indicated by the volunteer physician, will be provided at no cost to the patient.

Retinal Image Readings

As Prevent Blindness NC continues to expand free retinal screening services at partner community health centers, free clinics, and the North Carolina State Fair, we also need more doctors to read images using our innovative telemedicine model. The doctor will receive images via encrypted email (HIPAA compliant) along with a corresponding spreadsheet for results. The doctor can mark the patient as a Pass, Refer or Unreadable. If the patient needs to be referred the doctor will include a brief explanation of why the patient should be referred.

Patient Eligibility Criteria

  • Total gross annual household income from all sources is no more than 250% of federal poverty level (see chart below).
  • Patient is not enrolled in Medicaid or Health Choice (for children) and is not covered by any other policy that includes vision coverage (whole or partial).
  • Patient has not used the Donor Docs Program during the past 12 months.
  • Patient does not qualify for the VSP Voucher Program.

federal poverty level table


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Doctor Recognition

PBNC would like to thank the following doctors for donating to the program in the 2023-2024 year:

Dr. Kenneth Rousselo – Preston Optometry Center

Dr. Karen E. Jones – F.Y. Eye Care Associates

Dr. JoAnn Todd – Mount Olive Eye Care

Dr. Eric Yopp – Duplin Eye Associates

Dr. Robert Monson III – Vision Center of Lake Norman

Dr. W. Neil Hutto – Triad Eye Associates

Dr. Donald Bergsma Jr – Eye Associates of Rowan

Dr Jonathan Lutz – Wendell Eye Care

Dr. David Harper – Cabarrus Eye Center

Dr. Bill Porfilio – Alamance Eye Center

Dr. Cory Partlow – Black Mountain Family Eye Care

Dr. Melanie Kiser – Kiser Eye Care

Success Stories

Guilford County

When a young student moved here after living with her Mom in Virginia, she had not had vision care in quite a while.  Her teacher requested a vision screening by the school nurse because she was observed squinting and couldn’t see the board.  The vision screening results indicated a possible vision problem and the girl was referred to a doctor for a complete eye exam.  She did not have insurance to cover the eye exam costs.  After applying for a PBNC voucher, the student was able to obtain an eye exam through PBNC’s Donor Docs program.  She was given glasses within a month of being identified and now has better social skills and is doing better academically!

New Hanover County

Two students who were born in US to undocumented parents no longer had glasses because their families did not have insurance or other means to secure an exam or replace their glasses. Through PBNC’s Donor Docs program, both students were able to receive an eye exam and glasses.  Both students showed significant improvements in their grades after their glasses were replaced. One of the students even greatly reduced how frequently he visited the nurse’s office for odd complaints because he was no longer having as much difficulty in the classroom!