Meet Aviano, a Preschool Program Success Story


Children with undetected vision problems often do not even realize all of the amazing sights they are missing. Poor vision can negatively affect many aspects of a child’s development and his or her interaction with the world around them. Fortunately, our children’s vision screening programs detect thousands of undiagnosed visual impairments each year.

Aviano had the opportunity to participate in a vision screening at his preschool. When possible problems were detected, PBNC encouraged his parents to have him examined by an eye doctor for diagnosis and treatment. According to his mom, Aviano received glasses to help correct his vision. She shared that she had suspected some vision issues as Aviano liked to sit close to the TV and held books up close when reading, so the results of the vision screening encouraged her to make him an appointment for a complete eye exam. “When Aviano started wearing glasses, we noticed an improvement in his learning and feelings of inclusiveness. The first thing he noticed the first day of wearing his glasses was the color of my eyes. He could finally see that my eyes are green,” shared his mom. “It’s so important to follow-up on vision issues and get routine eyecare for your children so you can get an early start on correction. It has definitely improved the quality of my child’s life!”