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Staff Spotlight on Cyndi

Community Vision Program Director, Wendy Aves, recently sat down with PBNC Staff Member Cyndi Catella to share more about Cyndi and her role at PBNC: Q: What is your role at PBNC? A: I work as a retinal screener and a trainer in the certification program. Q: Tell me how you first got involved in with

Vision-Ready for School and Beyond

Did you know 1 in 4 school-aged children has a vision problem? At the start of another school year, making sure children’s eyes are ready to see and learn in the classroom is critical to their success.  Many parents across NC remain in the dark about this hugely important issue, often allowing preventable problems to

Meet Everette – Our Newest PBNC Ambassador!

We are very excited to introduce Everette, our new PBNC Ambassador for 2023-2024! Everette and her family are already a great addition to our team, as they plan to help us share our mission to prevent blindness throughout NC. Please enjoy Everette’s story as shared by her mom Katie. Everette (“Evvie” for short) was your typical,

Employee Spotlight: Julie Glotzbach

Assistant Director of Outreach Wendy Aves recently sat down with Julie Glotzbach.  This is what Julie had to say: Tell me how you first got involved in with PBNC I saw the ad for screener job on Indeed Jobs and what appealed to me was the openness to semi-retired people and people re-entering the work

Mobile eye exam partnership serves communities in need

In December, Prevent Blindness NC successfully completed its annual project to bring a mobile eye exam unit to NC communities in need.  Prevent Blindness NC, IFB Solutions, and school nurses in Halifax, Weldon City and Roanoke Rapids school formed a unique collaboration of organizations and individuals that are committed to working together to improve children’s vision.  Each

Preschool Vision Screening Program Partners with Delta Gammas at NC State

The Prevent Blindness North Carolina Preschool Vision Screening Program is in full force, screening thousands of preschoolers across the state to help ensure our kids have the best vision possible. Through January, the PBNC screening team had performed vision screenings for over 23,000 young children, referring over 2,700 of those participating to eye care professionals

PBNC’s Adult Vision Screening Program Enriches Lives

As a component of the adult vision screening program at Prevent Blindness North Carolina, vouchers for no cost eye exams and glasses are provided to all to qualified individuals who demonstrate the need for a comprehensive vision exam performed by an eye care professional. Voucher recipients may have initially received a retinal screening by a

Employee Spotlight: David Jenkins

Tell me how you first got involved in with PBNC I retired in December 2020 after 36 ½ years in education as teacher, principal and district director in Martin and Pitt County schools. I am not one that likes to sit around and saw the PBNC Vision Screening Trainer job opening advertised on Indeed. I

Meet Eli – A Preschool Vision Screening Success Story

The Preschool Vision Screening Program has had a great start to the screening year! By the start of 2023, almost 20,000 preschoolers will have participated in our free vision screenings, with over 2,000 referred for further vision care with an eye care professional. Hundreds of early childhood programs such as Head Start, NC PreK, Title

Vision Screenings Change Lives

As many schools have completed the first 30 days of school, school nurses, staff and volunteers are gearing up for conducting vision screening.  In children, uncorrected vision impairment can lead to developmental, academic, and social challenges.  A school nurse in Cumberland County shared this story from a vision screening she conducted last year showing the