Meet Brooklyn, a Preschool Program Success Story

Unfortunately children don’t always realize they are experiencing a problem with their vision and therefore won’t complain, and there are often no obvious signs or symptoms to alert parents or teachers.

Brooklyn’s teachers had noticed that she wasn’t participating as much in class, but they did not realize she was having trouble with her vision until she participated in our screening. When she failed the screening and was then diagnosed by her eye doctor with amblyopia, her decrease in attention and participation in her Pre-K class activities made much more sense to her teachers and parents. Brooklyn’s visual impairment was found at a crucial age for preventing permanent vision loss in her weaker eye. She now wears a patch and glasses to help correct the way her eye and brain work together to help strengthen the impacted eye. “Brooklyn was happy about getting her glasses like her mommy and her big sister,” shared her mom. “We embrace corrected vision in our home because several of us wear glasses and we know how much they help us. It’s hard being a 6-year-old with glasses, but we build her confidence so she will be comfortable!”

Early treatment of amblyopia is crucial to ensuring the best outcome possible, so this is yet another story of the positive impact our preschool screening program is having on our young children.

Brooklyn, age 6