First Grader’s Vision Problems Solved, Leading to Success in School

A first-grade student in was struggling to keep up in school. She was withdrawn and sullen, and her grades were suffering. During a routine mass vision screening, the school nurse referred her for a comprehensive eye exam.  Her mother followed up with a specialist and was told that the young girl would require very strong glasses, because she could not see well.

The student’s mother brought her new glasses to the school as soon as they arrived. The student was called to the nurse’s office to receive her glasses. Although the girl has been previously withdrawn and sullen, when she put on the glasses and could finally see, she became happy and bright. She had a huge smile on her face.

The girl’s mother was tearful as she watched her daughter put on her glasses and see the world clearly for the first time. She had no idea how much her daughter’s vision problems were impacting her life. It also happened to be the mother’s birthday that day. She said that the glasses were “the best birthday present ever”.

This is an amazing story of how vision problems can affect a child’s academic success and overall well-being. Students who have vision problems may not be able to communicate them to their parents or caregivers.  It is also a reminder of the importance of early detection and treatment of vision problems.  PBNC is thankful for the community of dedicated individuals that helped remove vision problems as a barrier to this young first grade girl’s success including the school nurse for referring the student for a vision screening, the specialist for providing her with the glasses she needed, and the student’s mother for following through with the referral and getting her daughter the help she needed.