Safe, effective preschool vision screenings are a priority

AvaThe detection of an undiagnosed vision problem during the preschool years is a pivotal moment in a child’s visual health.  The earlier a problem is caught and treated, the better our chances are to improve their vision and overall quality of life. Therefore, despite facing unprecedented challenges this screening year, the PBNC Preschool Vision Screening Program is committed to providing best practice, instrument- based vision screenings for young children across NC. All adaptations to the screening process that were implemented to ensure a safe and effective screening have been successful since program delivery started in September. Early childhood programs with vision screening mandates have been pleased by the continued access to our screening program. PBNC staff, screeners, and school nurses and center directors have successfully collaborated to ensure all COVID guidelines have been met and school needs have been accommodated. While it has been necessary to maintain flexibility and adapt often, saving the sight of our young children is well worth the effort of all involved!

Many of the participating programs have expressed their sincere gratitude for our efforts to continue serving their children.  Here are a few examples of the feedback we have received thus far:

Vision screening experience was efficient and professionally done in a timely manner especially during this unprecedented time. In the past 3 years, the success story is our children receiving corrective lenses. Speaking from personal experience because I wear glasses, being able to see can make a world of difference in everyday life. We are so appreciative of this program for our kiddos!

~Center Director, PreK Center in New Hanover County


There was a lot of confusion on our end as to whether PBNC could even come out and screen in our schools. The screener worked with us with her schedule and made it all possible. We were able to screen our kids. This helped so much since because of Covid vision wasn’t completed on many health assessments and the PBNC screenings were able to help make the HAs complete. Can’t say enough about how the screener and staff worked with us. A lot of people can’t afford to go to the doctor, especially now and it makes parents aware that their kids have vision issues.

~Center Director, PreK Center in New Hanover County


PBNC was very organized and ready to meet the needs of our center during COVID.

~Center Director, Childcare Center in Buncombe County


Wonderful and very professional to work with. Thank you all for screening our children and others. The children and families need as much help as they can get during these times. We really appreciate your time and energy.

~Center Director, Childcare Center in Durham County


The staff member followed all protocols to keep herself safe & the children as well. Very personable and made the process easy for all children. We had a few parents make follow up appointments with their eye care provider and a couple kids did need glasses. Not sure when this would have been caught if not for our annual PBNC screenings.

~Center Director, Childcare Center in Johnston County