Meet Matias – A Preschool Success Story

Matias is ready for school!

The goal of PBNC’s Preschool Vision Screening Program is to detect uncorrected vision problems during the early years of a child’s life – when treatment is most effective. We then help connect the children impacted by those vision impairments with the eyecare they need to experience better vision and prevent loss of sight.

One of the thousands of preschoolers served by PBNC, Matias, participated in the free vision screening at his childcare center. When he failed the screening, PBNC informed his parents that he should visit an eye doctor for a full eye exam, diagnosis, and treatment. At his appointment, he was evaluated and prescribed eyeglasses.

“He was diagnosed with an advanced level of astigmatism and nearsightedness that is being corrected with the glasses. We have noticed that his comprehension of letters has improved. We believe he couldn’t properly identify them before because he couldn’t see them properly.”

-Matias’ Mother

Poor vision can impede learning, which is why timely treatment for young, developing children is so important. Soon after receiving his new glasses, Matias was excited to share, “I don’t see blurry anymore!” Like many other parents and guardians, his mom shared her appreciation of the program and the detection of his untreated visual issues.

“He truly loves his glasses! Matias has truly benefited from wearing his glasses. It’s been a blessing! He is more confident and assertive because of them. As parents we are extremely thankful for the screening performed because we have been able to improve our son’s quality of life,” shared his mom.

This is just one of many stories of how this preventive program is positively impacting the visual health of young children across our state.