Preschool Vision Screening Program Partners with Delta Gammas at NC State

The Prevent Blindness North Carolina Preschool Vision Screening Program is in full force, screening thousands of preschoolers across the state to help ensure our kids have the best vision possible. Through January, the PBNC screening team had performed vision screenings for over 23,000 young children, referring over 2,700 of those participating to eye care professionals for full eye exams and necessary treatment. Over 500 child care centers have taken advantage of the free on-site program. Bringing the screening into the schools allows directors to offer this preventative health service to their families in a place that is familiar and convenient.

In addition to screening, our program aims to increase awareness and knowledge about visual health. As part of a continued effort to educate child care center staff, parents, and young kids about the importance of taking good care of our eyes, we are continuing our partnership with Delta Gamma of NCSU to offer book readings to preschoolers at Wake County child care centers. The Delta Gamma volunteers read children’s books focused on topics such as going to the eye doctor for the first time, wearing new glasses, and how important our eyes are in all areas of life. In addition to reading eye-related books, they also help the kids complete fun vision related activities. This project was a huge success last school year, and we are excited to offer this fun, educational opportunity again! This free project will help us increase awareness and continue our successful partnership with preschool programs. If your preschool would like to participate in this program, please contact our office at 919-755-5044 x 103.

The centers we serve are often very thankful for the services we provide. Preschools usually do not have the staff, equipment or training to provide vision screenings for their students, although vision screenings are required for some early childhood programs in NC. We would like to share some of the positive feedback we have received so far from preschool staff. We appreciate their support of our program and are grateful to have the opportunity to provide this essential, preventative eye care.

Over 25+ years I have seen many children get glasses for the first time because of this screening. It is so beneficial for the families, it is quick, easy, and free…what more could you ask for?

-Center Director, Wake County

We had three children that needed to visit an eye doctor; one of those has already received his glasses; he’s two years old; if it had not been for this screening, it probably would have been a couple more years before this was corrected. This is an excellent program! The parents are thankful!

-Center Director, McDowell County

I love how quick and easy it is. Children enjoy smiling for the camera and identifying children with vision needs is so important at this age. Two children were identified with a need and one is already wearing glasses and the other is in the process of getting hers.

-Pre-K Teacher, Nash County

We always have a few children who are identified and receive care as a result of information provided from these screenings. The staff who set up and the staff who administer the screenings are always so kind, efficient and professional. We appreciate this valuable service for our children!

-Center Director, Wake County