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Safe, Effective Preschool Vision Screening Partnerships Continue

What a year it has been! Despite the huge impact of COVID-19 on our Preschool Vision Screening Program, we consider it a successful year full of great accomplishments and a lot of sight saving! While many schools were not able to allow on-site screenings this year, PBNC worked hard to implement safe and effective screenings for

Prevent Blindness Introduces Ambassador Program

PBNC’s mission aims to detect and eliminate uncorrected vision problems, provide greater access to treatment, and thereby prevent blindness and preserve the sight of everyone we serve. Providing direct services to over 550,000 North Carolinians annually, PBNC’s three primary programs provide the latest in best-practice, evidence-based and age-appropriate screening standards. While we have always collected

Continued Funding Extends EyePACS Partnership

Prevent Blindness North Carolina is pleased to have received additional funding from the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) to continue our partnership with EyePACS – an experienced team of optometrists and ophthalmologists who read retinal images and provide timely feedback of screening results.  With the use of the EyePACS platform, the average wait

Lee Co. Health-A-Rama looks to return for 2021-2022 School Year

Mary Hawley Oats has been a School Nurse in the Lee County Schools for 40 years.  She realized early on that it was important to know students could see and hear to succeed in the classroom. She began a program called Health-A-Rama that occurred annually in the Fall.  During Health-A-Rama, classrooms of students in kindergarten through ninth grade would come to the gym or library and get their vision,

PBNC Launches New Online Training Platform

The pandemic has created many obstacles over the past year for almost every organization, and PBNC has not been immune either.  But, where there are obstacles, there are also opportunities.  During the summer of 2020, PBNC began the process of building an online version of our School-Aged Vision Screener Training and Certification course.   While school

Adult Retinal Program Expands with Additional Funding

Prevent Blindness NC is excited to announce the receipt of additional funding from the National Association Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) to expand a pilot program using a 3rd party retinal reading service to drastically reduce the time it takes for a retinal image to be read by an eye doctor. With past NACDD funding for

Pilot retinal image reading program makes a HUGE impact

Prevent Blindness North Carolina recently received a grant from the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) to pilot a program ensuring a quicker turnaround time for retinal image reading and evaluation. Prior to receiving this funding, a network of volunteer doctors read images for the adult retinal screening program.  This method involved a time

Back to School Vision Health

As schools begin to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic, practices that occurred routinely for decades must be reconsidered and redesigned to prevent the spread of the virus among children and staff, and ultimately, the community. Vision screening is one of many services that meet critical needs of children and is an essential service to eliminate

Safe, effective preschool vision screenings are a priority

The detection of an undiagnosed vision problem during the preschool years is a pivotal moment in a child’s visual health.  The earlier a problem is caught and treated, the better our chances are to improve their vision and overall quality of life. Therefore, despite facing unprecedented challenges this screening year, the PBNC Preschool Vision Screening