Meet Eli – A Preschool Vision Screening Success Story

The Preschool Vision Screening Program has had a great start to the screening year! By the start of 2023, almost 20,000 preschoolers will have participated in our free vision screenings, with over 2,000 referred for further vision care with an eye care professional. Hundreds of early childhood programs such as Head Start, NC PreK, Title 1 PreK and private centers have eagerly partnered with PBNC to ensure their children have the best vision possible. The screenings are conducted by thirteen trained vision screeners, who are a vital part of our program. Our screeners live throughout the state and serve preschools in their area by conducting photo-refractive vision screenings in settings that are familiar and comfortable for the young participants.

One NC preschooler took part in the vision screening held at the child care center he attends. Unfortunately, Eli failed the screening; therefore, PBNC alerted his parents of the possible vision problem and recommended he receive a comprehensive eye exam from an eye doctor. According to his mom, they never suspected that Eli was experiencing issues with his sight. “Eli is autistic and wasn’t very verbal at the time for his age, so he wasn’t able to tell us that there were any issues going on,” his mom shared. Fortunately, the screening technology is very simple, quick and non-invasive, so Eli was easily able to participate. Once he was examined and prescribed glasses to help correct his vision, the positive impact of the vision screening became apparent quickly. “He’s even more enthusiastic and happier to participate and read with his glasses. He loves his glasses and will even remind us to put them on him. This program helped identify that there was a potential issue early so it could be addressed so it wouldn’t further hinder his development.” Like so many parents and guardians of the young children we serve, Eli’s mom is very grateful for the opportunity her son had to participate in such a comprehensive, preventative screening. Without the screening, Eli’s visual impairment would likely have continued to go undetected and prevented him from seeing everything there is to see in the world around him. Here is Eli looking very handsome in his new glasses!