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FREE Preschool Vision Screenings Available!

Preschool Vision Screening A PBNC Vision Screener quickly and non-invasively provides a screening for this preschooler, providing vital information to parents for a quick intervention, if necessary. Imagine not knowing there are individual leaves on a tree you pass every day or being tested for a learning disability that you don’t really have - all

Adult Screening Program Adds New Technology

The adult vision screen program is excited to announce the purchase of a new retinal camera thanks to funding from the Prevent Blindness North Carolina Endowment!  A new, state of the art CrystalVue NFC-600 Robotic Fundus Camera has been added to the program’s ever-growing and evolving inventory, and has already been put to work. At

New adult vision screening sites added!

Prevent Blindness NC is thrilled to announce the addition of  new clinics to the adult vision screening roster this year!  This added capacity to provide free adult vision screenings was made possible through generous support from the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) and the Cigna Foundation. One recently added partner is the Agape

In Partnership with IFB Solutions and School Nurses

After a two year hiatus, Prevent Blindness NC was excited to revive an annual project to bring a mobile eye exam unit to two NC communities in need.  This highly collaborative project between Prevent Blindness NC, IFB Solutions, and school nurses in Halifax and Roanoke Rapids school districts provided 21 eye exams and glasses for

Meet Noah: PBNC’s Newest Ambassador

The Prevent Blindness North Carolina Preschool Vision Screening team strives to ensure that our program makes a positive impact on the lives of thousands of preschoolers each year. We love to have the chance to share our many success stories. We are excited to introduce you to a very special preschooler who now has the

Blind Hockey comes to the Carolinas!

Are you interested in trying something new? Well, Blind Hockey is coming to the Carolinas! Blind Hockey is for anyone that is blind or vision impaired. There are no age or skill requirements. Blind Hockey started in Canada and has been growing throughout the US and Europe. It is played like traditional hockey with a

Preschool Vision Screening Program Sees Increase in Center Participation

Young children often do not realize they have a vision problem; thus, they are usually unable to express the difficulties and frustrations that often come along with a visual impairment. As 10% of preschoolers in NC have a vision problem, and many of them don’t even realize it, the need for early vision screening and

Cigna Foundation Provides Adult Program Support

Prevent Blindness NC is excited to announce the receipt of a $100,000 grant from the Cigna Foundation to support the PBNC Adult Vision Screening Improvement Program. The program will serve approximately 40 federally qualified health centers, community health clinics, and health departments and provide direct service screening to approximately 6,000 patients across NC in 2022.

School Aged Vision Screenings: Playing Catch-up in the New Year

Due to the pandemic, the majority of school children across NC went nearly 2 years without a basic vision screening. PBNC estimates a backlog of over 400,000 school children who were not screened last year, and who now may have developed new and worsening vision impairment that can impact their learning. During the 2020-21 school years, nurses expressed the challenges the pandemic presented

Meet Luke: A Preschool Vision Screening Success Story

Fortunately for Luke, age 5, Prevent Blindness NC visited his child care center to offer free vision screenings. When he failed the screening, PBNC recommended that he be examined by an eye doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Luke’s doctor did discover a significant vision impairment in his right eye and prescribed glasses and patching to