Prevent Blindness North Carolina will conduct FREE ADULT VISION SCREENINGS at our booth at the NC State Fair again this year. The booth is located in the Education Building, which is the long building that parallels Hillsborough St.

Free acuity screenings and retinal screenings are provided for all adults who are interested. This is always a great event for PBNC to raise awareness about adult eye health and to inform people about the programs and services of PBNC.  Over the course of 11 days during the 2021 NC State Fair, PBNC screened 1,045 people – a bit shy of  the pre-covid screening years when approximately 2,000 people were screened during the NC State Fair. This year we have a goal of screening 1,800 people over the course of 11 days. and one of them could be you!

The Christine Hamlin Mobile Vision Center will be open from noon until 9pm on opening day (Thursday, October 13) and from 9am until 9pm the remaining days of the 2022 NC State Fair.   Thank you to The Hamlin Companies and to The Raleigh Eye Center for their generous sponsorships of this important vision screening event.

Stop on by the booth and get your free vision screening.  We would love to see you!