Adult Screening Program Adds New Technology

The adult vision screen program is excited to announce the purchase of a new retinal camera thanks to funding from the Prevent Blindness North Carolina Endowment!  A new, state of the art CrystalVue NFC-600 Robotic Fundus Camera has been added to the program’s ever-growing and evolving inventory, and has already been put to work.

At PBNC, we are always looking at the newest and most advanced tools available and how to provide best practice screenings with the most effective equipment.  The CrystalVue NFC-600 is smaller than our other cameras and is able to utilize a tablet instead of a full laptop. Prevent Blindness North Carolina will continue to use both types of cameras as well as other new and exciting technologies to serve our state’s adults with high-quality retinal screenings.

  • Adult Retinal Screening

    Adult Retinal Screening

    The new CrystalVue Camera allows our adult retinal screening program more portability and flexibility to travel across North Carolina and meet our patients where they are.