West Virginia School Requirements for Children's Vision

  • West Virginia requires a vision screening
  • Frequency: Student entering public school for the first time

Requires all children entering public school for the first time shall be given prior to their enrollments screening tests to determine if they might have vision impairments. County boards of education may provide, upon request, such screening tests to all children entering nonpublic school. County boards of education shall conduct these screening tests for all children through the use of trained personnel. Parents or guardians of children who are found to have vision impairments shall be notified of the results of these tests and advised that further diagnosis and treatment of the impairments by qualified professional personnel is recommended.

County boards of education shall provide or contract with appropriate health agencies to provide, upon the request of a parent or guardian residing within the district, developmental screening for their child or children under compulsory school attendance age, provided that a county board is not required to provide such screening to the same child more than once in any one school year. The boards shall coordinate the provision of developmental screening with other public agencies and the interagency plan for exceptional children. The county boards shall provide notice to the public of the availability of these services. West Virginia Code ยง18-5-17