Kenneth C. Royall, Jr. Children's Vision Screening Improvement Program

Through this program, PBNC hopes to ensure that all persons conducting school vision screenings in grades K-6 are doing so in a consistent and uniform manner. Trainings and screenings are available in all 100 North Carolina counties.  To schedule a training, contact Caroline Carbone at 919-755-5044 ext 106 or email [email protected]

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Preschool Photo-Refractive Vision Screenings

PBNC offers photo-refractive vision screenings to preschoolers in 38 North Carolina counties. During the 2018-2019 school year, 33,203 preschoolers were screened. For further information and to see if this program is offered in your county, call 919-755-5044 ext 201 or email us at  [email protected].

Adult Vision Screenings

Prevent Blindness North Carolina conducts adult vision screenings at community health centers, free clinics, health fairs, senior centers, corporations, and at the NC State Fair. The screenings provided are primarily retinal screenings and, at some health fairs, acuity screenings. To schedule an adult vision screening at your community location, contact Caroline Carbone at 919-755-5044 ext 106 or email [email protected].

Financial Resources

As one of our signature services, our partners are eligible to receive vouchers for free eye exams and/or glasses for their qualified individuals.  Prevent Blindness North Carolina offers three voucher programs to provide eye exams and/or glasses. All three programs can now be accessed through one online application form. Contact Becca Leenstra at 919-755-5044 ext 112 or email [email protected] for further information.

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Screener Resources

Downloadable files and purchase links for children's vision screeners in North Carolina.

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