Utah School Requirements for Children's Vision

  • Utah requires a vision screening
  • Frequency: Child under seven years of age entering school for the first time

Requires a vision screening for any child less than seven years of age entering school for the first time. Students must present a certificate signed by a licensed physician, optometrist, or other licensed health professional approved by the Division of Services for the Visually Handicapped, State Office of Education, stating that the child has received vision screening to determine the presence of amblyopia or other visual defects or a written statement signed by at least one parent or legal guardian of the child that the screening violates the personal beliefs of the parent or legal guardian.

The District shall conduct free vision screening clinics for children aged 3-1/2 to seven. The division shall coordinate and supervise the training of persons who serve as vision screeners. A licensed health professional providing vision care to private patients may not participate as a screener in free vision screening programs provided by school districts. The Division of Services for the Visually Handicapped shall supervise screening, referral, and follow-up on students who fail the vision screening. Utah Code §53A-11-203

Each local school board shall implement rules as prescribed by the Department of Health for vision examinations of students attending the district's schools. Qualified health professionals shall provide instructions, equipment, and materials for conducting the examinations. The rules shall include exemption provisions for students whose parents or guardians contend the examinations violate their personal beliefs. The school shall notify, in writing, a student's parent or guardian of any impairment disclosed by the examinations. Utah Code §53A-11-201