Pennsylvania School Requirements for Children's Vision

  • Pennsylvania requires a vision screening
  • Frequency: Annually for students age 3 years and older

Requires that each child receive annual vision screening and services to include diagnosis and treatment including eyeglasses, for defects in vision. Each child who is 3 years of age or older shall receive vision screening within 30 days after admission. If the child had a vision screening prior to admission, an initial examination within 30 days after admission is not required. Follow-up treatment and services, such as provision of eyeglasses, shall be provided as recommended by the treating practitioner. A written record of completion of each vision screening shall be kept in the child’s record. Pennsylvania Code §3800.145

Requires each child of school age shall be given by methods established by the Advisory Health Board, a vision test by a school nurse, medical technician or teacher. Vision tests shall be given at least annually.

*Article 13 (in part), Article 14 & Article 25 (in part) (School Health Services, Public School Code) 

**28 PA Code Chapter 23 (Department of Health Regulations, School Health Regulations)