Oklahoma School Requirements for Children's Vision

  • Oklahoma requires a vision screening
  •  Frequency: Student enrolled in kindergarten, 1st and 3rd grade at a public school

Requires a vision screening within the previous twelve months or during the school year for each student enrolled in kindergarten, 1st and 3rd grade at a public school. Such screening shall be conducted by personnel listed on the statewide registry as maintained by the State Department of Health. The parent or guardian of each student who receives a vision screening as required by this section shall receive notification that a vision screening is not the equivalent of a comprehensive eye exam. The parent or guardian of each student who fails the vision screening required shall receive a recommendation to undergo a comprehensive eye examination performed by an ophthalmologist or optometrist.

The ophthalmologist or optometrist shall forward a written report of the results of the comprehensive eye examination to the student’s school, parent or guardian, and primary health care provider designated by the parent or guardian.  The report shall include, but not be limited to: type of examination, a summary of significant findings, including diagnoses, medication used, duration of action of medication, treatment, prognosis, whether or not a return visit is recommended and, if so when, and recommended educational adjustments for the child, if any, which may include: preferential seating in the classroom, eyeglasses for full-time use in school, eyeglasses for part-time use in school, sight-saving eyeglasses, and any other recommendations.

No student shall be prohibited from attending school for a parent’s or guardian’s failure to furnish a report of the student’s vision screening or an examiner’s failure to furnish the results of a student’s comprehensive eye examination required by this section. Oklahoma Statute §70-1210.284