Ohio School Requirements for Children's Vision

  • Ohio requires a vision screening
  • Frequency: Students upon entrance in kindergarten or 1st grade

Requires that pupils enrolled for the first time in either kindergarten or first grade shall be screened for vision prior to the first day of November of the school year. The board may provide any of the elements of the screening program itself, contract with any person or governmental entity to provide any such elements, or request the parent to obtain any such elements from a provider selected by the parent. Prior to the first day of August of the school year in which a pupil is required to be screened under this section, the board shall provide parents with information about the district’s screening program. If the board chooses to request parents to obtain any screening services, it shall provide lists of providers to parents together with information about such screening services available in the community to parents who cannot afford them. Any parent requested to obtain any screening services under this division may sign a written statement to the effect that he does not wish to have his child receive such screening. Ohio Revised Codes §3313.673

Boards of education and boards of health making tests for determining defects in vision in school children shall keep an accurate record of such tests and of measures taken to correct such visual defects. This record shall be kept on a form to be prescribed and furnished or approved by the director of health. Statistical data from such records shall be made available to official state and local health, education, and human services departments and agencies. Individual records shall be made available to such departments and agencies only in cases where there is evidence that no measures have been taken to correct defects determined by such tests, provided that such records shall be made available to school authorities where they are deemed essential in establishing special education facilities for children with visual defects. Ohio Revised Codes §3313.50

The board of education or board of health providing inspection of school children shall include in such inspection tests to determine the existence of visual defects in school children. The methods of making such tests and the testing devices to be used shall be such as are approved by the department of health.

Any child shall be exempted from a visual test if he has been examined by a regularly licensed physician or optometrist upon presentation to the school authorities of a certificate to the effect that he has been so examined during the twelve months immediately preceding the date of such inspections. Ohio Revised Codes §3313.69

If the board of education of a city, exempted village, or local school district has not employed a school physician, the board of health shall conduct the health examination of all school children in the health district and shall report the findings of such examination and make such recommendations to the parents or guardians as are deemed necessary for the correction of such defects as need correction. This section does not require any school child to receive a medical examination or receive medical treatment whose parent or guardian objects thereto. Ohio Revised Codes §3313.73

Requires a comprehensive eye examination within three months after a student identified with disabilities begins receiving services for the first time under an individualized education program. The exam must be performed either by an optometrist or by a physician authorized to practice medicine and surgery or osteopathic medicine and surgery who is comprehensively trained and educated in the treatment of the human eye, eye disease, or comprehensive vision services, unless the student underwent such an examination within the nine-month period immediately prior to being identified with disabilities. However, no student who has not undergone the eye examination required under this section shall be prohibited from initiating, receiving, or continuing to receive services prescribed in the student’s individualized education program. The superintendent of each school district or the superintendent’s designee may determine fulfillment of the requirement based on any special circumstances of the student, the student’s parent, guardian, or family that may prevent the student from undergoing the eye examination prior to beginning special education services. Except for a student who may be entitled to a comprehensive eye examination in the identification of the student’s disabilities, in the development of the student’s individualized education program, or as a related service under the student’s individualized education program, neither the state nor any school district shall be responsible for paying for the eye examination required by this section. Ohio Revised Code §3323.19