Nevada School Requirements for Children's Vision

  • Nevada requires a vision screening
  • Frequency: Children entering elementary school and one additional grade of elementary school, one grade of middle or junior high schools, one grade of high school, and transfer students

Requires a school nurse or supervised qualified health personnel to carry out an observation and examination for visual problems before the completion of the first year of initial enrollment in elementary school, in at least one additional grade of the elementary schools, in one grade of the middle or junior high schools and one grade of the high schools. Any child who is newly enrolled in the district must be examined. A special examination for a possible visual problem must be provided for any child who is enrolled in a special program, is repeating a grade, has failed an examination for a visual problem during the previous school year, or shows in any other way that s/he may have such a problem. The school authorities shall notify the parent or guardian of any child who is found or believed to have any visual problem and shall recommend that appropriate medical attention be secured to correct it. Any child must be exempted from an examination if his parent or guardian files with the teacher a written statement objecting to the examination. Results of the examinations conducted shall be reported to the State Health Officer. The State Health Officer shall compile all such information he receives to monitor the health status of children and shall retain the information. Nevada Revised Statute ยง392.420