Georgia School Requirements for Children's Vision

  • Georgia requires a vision screening
  • Frequency: Students entering first grade in the public schools

Allows the Department of Human Resources, in cooperation with the State Board of Education, to promulgate rules and regulations to provide for an eye examination for each student entering the first grade in the public schools of this state and at such other times as such rules and regulations shall provide. Such rules and regulations shall provide procedures for local boards of health to provide for such examinations and screenings and for the issuance of a certificate to the parent or parents of children entering the first grade indicating that such examinations and screenings have been made, and such certificates shall be turned in to the school officials at the time of enrollment. Such rules and regulations shall further provide that the examinations and screenings required in this Code section may be made by private practitioners and authorize the certification provided for in this Code section by such private practitioners. Georgia Law Code ยง20-2-770