Financial Resources for Youth (up to age 19 and enrolled in school)

As one of our signature services, our partners are eligible to receive vouchers for free eye exams and/or glasses for their qualified students.  Prevent Blindness North Carolina offers three voucher programs to provide eye exams and/or glasses for qualified students. All three programs can now be accessed through one online application form. 

Applications must be submitted to Prevent Blindness North Carolina by a Referring Agent, such as a school or health department nurse, physician’s office, social worker, or school personnel who has verified the applicant’s eligibility. It is important to note that our access to these vouchers is a direct result of the diligence shown in verifying qualifications.  In order to maintain quality control and continue the relationship we enjoy with these very generous providers, we are required to be sure that all of our issuing partners are aware of and verify the qualifications of each candidate.  If you are provided with incomplete or inaccurate information when verifying eligibility, the provider may decline service or require payment from the family at the time of service. 

PBNC only accepts voucher requests via our online system.  Use the below links to review program eligibility requirements and register as a Referring Agent to access the online voucher application. IMPORTANT NOTE:  All partners must first register as a Referring Agent before accessing the online application. 


Vision Resource Guide

Vision Resource Guide 2019


To find out more about programs and services at Prevent Blindness North Carolina, call 919-755-5044.