Date: August 4, 2016 to August 7, 2016

Location: MacGregor Downs Country Club Cary, NC

Open Mixed Doubles
9.0 Mixed Doubles
8.0 Mixed Doubles
7.0 Mixed Doubles
6.0 Mixed Doubles

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Download: Bracket for 6 and 7 Divisions

Download: Round Robin Draws

6.0 and 7.0 Divisions

8.0 Round Robin
Round 1 Saturday at 11:00am:

Cullen vs Bowker
Kay vs Jennings
Round 2 Saturday at 3:00pm
Cullen vs Jennings
Bowker vs Kay
Round 3 Sunday 9:30am
Kay vs Cullen
Jennings vs Bowker

9.0 Round Robin
Round 1 Saturday at 11:00am

Zadell vs Crichton/Fish
Powell/Moeller vs Scoggins/Thomas

Round 2 Saturday at 3:00pm
Zadell vs Scoggins/Thomas
Powell/Moeller vs Crichton/Fish

Round 3 Sunday 9:30am
Powell/Moeller vs Zadell
Scoggins/Thomas vs Crichton/Fish


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